Birdwatching in Ireland


Over 450 different bird species have been recorded in Ireland, representing a very impressive total for a European island and making it a very exciting and interesting country for birdwatching.  200 of these birds are regurally occurring species in Ireland. This section of our website has been designed to provide information on how, where and when to find birds in Ireland, and over time we hope it will build into a comprehensive resource for birders, so please check back regularly for updates.


For individual species profiles on all of Ireland's regularly-occurring bird species, including photographs and range maps, please visit our special section on Ireland's Birds or the Quick List opposite.


Register your sightings with BirdTrack

Birding and conservation go hand in hand, and we need all the data on Ireland’s bird populations that we can get.  BirdTrack is an exciting project run in partnership between the BTO, BirdWatch Ireland, the RSPB and the Scottish Ornithologists's Club, that looks at migration, movements and distribution of birds across Ireland and the UK. There are new and improved facilities that benefit you AND your records contribute to scientific research and support conservation! We would be most grateful, therefore, if you would send details of any birds that you see to us at


Please click on the following links for more information:


  • Ireland's Avifauna: an short overview of Ireland’s birdlife
  • Irish Rare Birds Committee (IRBC): the IRBC is responsible for mainaining a list of the birds recorded in the Republic of Ireland.  Its primary function is the assessment of records of certain rare and scarce species.
  • Rare Bird News: details of rarities seen in Ireland
  • Where to Watch: information on birding at key sites around Ireland
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