Rock Pipit

Anthus petrosus

Riabhóg Chladaigh

Conservation Concern: Green-listed in Ireland. The European population is considered to be Secure.

Status: A widespread resident along rocky coasts.

: Slightly larger than Meadow Pipit. Rock Pipits have dark grey head and back, with dense grey streaking on the breast. The beak and legs are darkish. Similar in appearance to the more widespread Meadow Pipit, but differs in dark grey back, denser streaking on breast and dark legs. Habitat is also a good way of seperating the two species.

Similar Species
: Meadow Pipit.

Call: The most frequent call is a single “vist” similar to that of the Meadow Pipit. Performs a song flight like that of Meadow Pipit during spring and summer.

Diet: Feeds mainly on invertebrates caught amongst seaweed or along the shoreline.

Breeding: Breeds along rocky shores, sea cliffs and harbours. Rare away from preferred habitat.

Wintering: Generally sedentary, with only local movenments by young birds dispersing to new territories.

Where to See: Fairly common along the south and west coasts, less so along the east coast.

Monitored by
: Countryside Bird Survey and BirdTrack.

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