Irish Businesses Support Declaration on Nature 

Protection of Nature essential for thriving businesses

Twenty-five Irish small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) (listed below) were among over 300 European SMEs that signed up to a Declaration of Support for the Birds and Habitats Directives. The Directives are the cornerstone of European nature protection laws and are critically important to these businesses who depend on a thriving environment for their livelihoods. 

The Irish businesses which declared their support for the Directives include service providers for tourism, health and well being, farmers, ecological consultancies and education providers who live mainly in rural areas from all around ireland and rely on a thriving, attractive environment with abundant nature for their businesses. They state in the Declaration that 'Our good business relies on good nature protection, including nature protected by EU law. Stable, effective and predictable legislation is important for us'.

The Birds and Habitats Directives are under threat of being weakened as part of the Fitness Check process currently underway within the European Commission. However, the public response to this has been a call for their better implementation and not their weakening. As well as the SMEs standing up for nature, in 2015 over 520,000 European citizens took part in the public consultation on the nature laws saying that they are fit for purpose. In May 2016 over 11,000 people took part in a Thunderclap to send a message that these laws need to be better implemented and not weakened. Representative organisations for business have also called for better implementation saying that changing the laws now would lead to years of uncertainty which is not good for business. On top of this the European Parliament also voted for better implementation and for the Directives to remain as they are. 

The SMEs want better investment in nature conservation in order to maintain their natural capital. They call on the Commission to protect their livelihoods by implementing better our nature laws and not undermining them.

Please contact Oonagh Duggan, Policy Officer, BirdWatch Ireland, for more information about this initiative in Ireland: oduggan [at]


 The list of Irish businesses supporting the Birds and Habitats Directives are:

 Atlantic Sea Kayaking (Jim Kennedy),West Cork

            Christy Stapleton Organic Vegetable Grower/Importer, Co Wicklow& Dublin:                       

      Nature Learn (Michael Bell), Co Sligo: 

      Ireland’s Wildlife (Calvin Jones), Co Cork: 

      Aster Environmental Consultants (Marie-Louise Heffernan), Co Galway: .

      Hells Kettle Farm (Gavin Lynch) Co Wicklow: 

      Goleen Harbour Farm and Ecotourism (Matt Mills), West Cork: 

      Leitrim Flowers (Kealin Ireland) Co Leitrim 

      Jamestown Nature Reserve (Will Warham), Co. Wexford: 

      Waterfall Alpaca Farm and Walk (Emma Bird), West Cork: 

      Bantry Pony trekking (Jenni Norton), West Cork: 

      Adventure Gently (Adrienne Diamond  & Graham Robertson), Co. Leitrim: Guided Canoe Tours 

     Carrauntoohil Eco Farm (Vicki Cullen), Co. Kerry:

     Cloncannon Biofarm (Sean Farrell), Co. Tipperary: 

     Ard Nahoo Eco Retreat (Jo), Co. Leitrim : 

     Shearwater Kayaking (Eileen), Co Dublin. 

     Tawnylust Lodge(Nuala McNulty), Co. Leitrim: 

     Leitrim Landscape Guided Walks (Tina Pommer), Co. Leitrim 

     Bluebell Organic Farm (Mary Luthers), Co. Leitrim 

     Electric Bike Trails (Eileen Gibbons), Co. Leitrim: 

     The Organic Centre, (Hans Wieland), Co. Leitrim:  Co. Leitrim 

     Pod Pairc, Top of the Rock (David Ross), West Cork: 

     Wildeye Consultants (Ciaran Cronin) Co Cork 

     Derrybeg Farm, (Anne Ryan), Co. Kildare: 

Environmental Management Services (Jack O'Sullivan)



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