Issue 14, November 2010
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The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder: winter is well and truly here. Winter has its disadvantages, of course, but for birdwatchers in Ireland it is perhaps the best season of all. World-class numbers of migrants, especially waders and waterfowl, have been flocking here over the past few weeks, and Ireland's estuaries, mudflats and waterways hold internationally important numbers of a whole range of interesting and beautiful species.

If you are new to birdwatching and/or would like someone to help you see some of Ireland's special winter birds, why not check out some of the upcoming BirdWatch Ireland events taking place near you? The vast majority are free of charge, and although we do of course encourage you to become a BirdWatch Ireland member and support our conservation work, both members and non-members alike are welcome to attend.

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Garden Bird Survey 2010/11
Last winter was Ireland's coldest for nearly 50 years. Unprecendented influxes of starving winter thrushes were reported, and our very smallest birds, such as Long-tailed Tit and Goldcrest, struggled to survive. How will our garden birds fare this coming winter? Well, we have no way of knowing this unless you tell us: the Garden Bird Survey, is simple, fun and an extremely valuable source of knowledge - please do take part.
(Photo: Goldcrest by Michael Finn)
Read our findings from last winter's survey, and see how you can take part this winter
Give the gift of birdwatching with our new Beginning Birdwatching Kit
BirdWatch Ireland has produced a special Beginning Birdwatching Kit that would make an ideal Christmas gift for anyone who is interested in wildlife. It contains everything needed to get started: a high-quality pair of binoculars, a field guide, a bird-finding guide, a birdsong book & CD and lots more, plus a year's membership of BirdWatch Ireland, which of course includes 4 issues of our Wings magazine throughout the year.

This kit has everything a budding birdwatcher needs, and it comes gift-wrapped and with a personalised gift card. All proceeds go to support our conservation work.
Order the BirdWatch Ireland Beginning Birdwatching Kit now for 199 euro, including P&P
Make your mark on the Bird Atlas this winter
The final winter season of our Bird Atlas 2007-11, a landmark survey to map all of Ireland's birds, is now underway, and we need your help. We still have quite a few gaps in our coverage, and all eWings readers can help us to fill them by submitting "Roving Records" of all types of bird they see or hear, both rare and common. Go on, you can do it.
Learn more about Bird Atlas 2007-11 and how you can help to turn our map red
World governments make historic agreement to save biodiversity
BirdWatch Ireland warmly welcomes the historic agreement made at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity meeting in Nagoya, Japan, at the end of October. BirdLife International, the global conservation body of which BirdWatch Ireland is the Irish partner, was one of the most active and vocal lobby groups present in Nagoya and worked hard to help achieve this landmark result.
Photo: One of the world's most endangered birds, the Araripe Manakin from Brazil
Learn more about the Nagoya agreement and BirdLife International's work to secure it
Wildlife Survey Outreach Days
BirdWatch Ireland, with funding from the Irish Environmental Network, is holding two outreach days, one in Foxford, Co. Mayo on the 27th of November and one in Cork City on 4th of December, aimed at enabling people to get involved in wildlife surveying. These are free events giving you an opportunity to discover what is going on in your area, meet and ask questions of staff from leading Irish NGO's and register your interest.

Everyone is welcome to attend and there are projects to suit everyone, whether you are a seasoned wildlife surveyor with years of experience and many hours to spare, or a complete beginner with very little time: the only requirement is an interest in wildlife and a willingness to help.
Get full details of our upcoming Wildlife Survey Outreach Days in Mayo and Cork
Planning to send some Christmas cards this year? If so, why not send BirdWatch Ireland Christmas cards? You'll be helping us both to raise funds and to spread our message, and we have 5 beautiful new card designs that your friends and family are sure to enjoy. You can purchase the cards for only 5 euro per pack of 10 from our Wings Online Shop.

We are delighted to announce that BirdWatch Ireland's East Coast Nature Reserve at Newcastle, Co. Wicklow was awarded a Silver Medal at the International Awards for Liveable Communities (LivCom) held in Chicago earlier this month. The reserve is blossoming into a great natural showcase and community resource, and we are delighted by the LivCom judging panel's recognition of its unique value both for wildlife and for people. Well done to reserve manager, Jerry Wray, and our volunteers for all of their hard work.

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