Issue 5, February 2010
Welcome to the February 2010 issue of eWings, BirdWatch Ireland's email newsletter.
One of the most important aspects of BirdWatch Ireland's work is our link with BirdLife International, the global umbrella group representing bird conservation organisations around the world. We are proud to be the official BirdLife partner for Ireland, and our staff and volunteers regularly participate in work that influences the future of birds at a national, European and global level. If you are a member of BirdWatch Ireland, then you are also a part of the global BirdLife family of more than 3 million people in over 100 countries and territories worldwide.

Exchanging knowledge and experience with our fellow BirdLife partners has enormous benefits, both to the work that we carry out here in Ireland and to the strength of bird protection across Europe and beyond. Birds, of course, know no boundaries, and a concerted international approach is the only effective way to protect migratory species in particular. We are always keen to support the vital work of our partners, which is why you will see details of a couple of important BirdLife initiatives below. Please read about them and give them your support. It will only take a few seconds of your time, and it will really help.
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Show the birds some love: National Nestbox Day, 14th February 2010
Yes, we know that 14th February is St. Valentine's Day, but it is also the perfect date to put up nestboxes. Although the breeding season is a couple of months away yet, mid-February is when many common garden species, including Blue Tits and Robins, begin to prospect for suitable nest sites. We have produced a special nestbox factsheet to give you tips, and our Wings shop has a wide range of high quality nestboxes to suit all budgets and locations. They also make an original Valentine's gift alternative to flowers and chocolates for the bird-lover in your life. (Photo: Blue Tit by Derek Lawlor)
See the National Nestbox Day gift packs and special offers from our Wings shop
Bird of the Year 2010
BirdWatch Ireland needs you to help us to choose our "Bird of the Year" - a bird to represent the work that we do and that will appeal to our members and to the general public. This is a campaign that we plan to run each year, and we would love for as many people as possible to be involved.

There are 4 candidates this year for the "Bird of the Year": Puffin, Curlew, Hen Harrier and Yellowhammer. The bird that receives the most votes will win - it's as simple as that. You have until Friday 19th March to cast your vote, and the winner will be announced at our All Ireland Conference on Bird Conservation in Sligo from 26th to 28th March. (Photo: Puffin by Clive Timmons)
Learn more about the 4 candidates, then cast your vote
Sponsor a Bird Atlas species
The Bird Atlas project represents one of the most important ornithological endeavours ever undertaken in Ireland. Survey work began in 2007 and is due to be completed next year. The end result will be a landmark atlas of the breeding and wintering birds of Ireland and Britain, a book that is set to be a bible for conservationists, decision-makers and birdwatchers both in Ireland and around the world.

Each of the species featured in the book can be sponsored, either by companies, groups or individuals, and the name of each sponsor will appear alongside the entry for their respective species. All proceeds raised through this sponsorship scheme go to fund the Atlas project itself, and all sponsorship bids are welcome.
See the species that are still available for sponsorship, and see how you can place a bid
Sign the BirdLife International petition to stop needless seabird deaths
BirdLife International has been promoting the adoption of an EU Seabird Action Plan to stop seabirds such as shearwaters and petrels needlessly being caught on fishing lines or drowned in fishing nets. This accidental by-catch is estimated to cause more than 200,000 seabird deaths every year in Europe. BirdWatch Ireland and its fellow BirdLife International partners across Europe are joining together to urge the new European Commissioner for Fisheries, Maria Damanaki, to take strong and urgent action to save our seabirds and make fisheries more environmentally-friendly.
Sign the BirdLife International petition now
Help to end the illegal slaughter of protected birds in Malta
Wild birds migrate from Europe to Africa every autumn, travelling thousands of kilometres to spend the winter in warmer climes. Every spring, they migrate back to Europe to breed and replenish their numbers. On each leg of their journey, a large number of these protected birds meet their deaths over Malta. All species of birds, from the largest to the smallest, are targetted by Maltese hunters and some of the casualties may even be birds that bred in your own back garden.

We are proud to support our partner BirdLife Malta in its demand that the Maltese Government respects EU law and stops the the killing of protected birds, and we hope that you will too.
Help to stop the killing by signing the BirdLife Malta petition
There are still some places available for the All Ireland Conference on Bird Conservation in Sligo, from 26th to 28th March. It promises to be a great event, with lots of fantastic speakers and birdwatching field trips, so to avoid disappointment book your conference place now.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to make my traditional plea for membership: if you are not already a BirdWatch Ireland member, please do consider joining us today. You've seen some of the valuable work that we do, and as a charity none of it would be possible without the generous support we receive from our members. There is a lot in it for you too: BirdWatch Ireland members receive our quarterly Wings magazine, as well as a special membership pack and gift and the opportunity to attend a huge range of local events and visit our nature reserves.

To those of you who are already BirdWatch Ireland members, a sincere thank you - your ongoing support is very much appreciated, and we hope that you enjoy being part of our organisation. Your feedback is always very welcome.

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Good Bird Watching,
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