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CABB Partner Organisations

collaboration across borders


Four CABB sites for Conservation Plans


CABB Blanket Bog Restoration

restoring peatland Special Areas of Conservation


CABB SACs Conservation Plans

Blanket bog conservation


Corncrake Conservation

Protecting Corncrakes and their habitats

The landscape is changing faster than at any time in history. The speed of change and a move towards ever increasing intensification of land management is posing serious threats to the existence of our wildlife. We are working hard on practical conservation measures to help the most vulnerable of species.

CABB project

Cooperation Across Borders for Biodiversity (CABB) project is a cross-border INTERREG VA project to protect breeding waders and manage bog habitats in border counties of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.


Curlew EIP

European Innovation Partnerships  (EIP) are funded by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Marine (DAFM), supporting cooperative action at a local level.  BirdWatch Ireland is working with partners to protect breeding Curlew in Galway and Leitrim.


Corncrakes were one of Ireland’s best-loved and most familiar birds of rural areas.  Efforts to save them have prevented extinction, but they are now confined to part of Donegal and West Connaught.

Our News and Events

common-tern-flying-with-pink-sky MarineRockabillSeabirdsSpecies and Conservation
May 3, 2019

Rockabill 2019 – One week down, plenty to go!

Common Tern flying by the island at sunset, April 2019. (L.Gill) We’ve finished our first week out here on Rockabill and it certainly did not disappoint. From Storm Hannah to…

Dusk Chorus Walk

Join our Dublin-Fingal branch for a wonderful evening listening to the sounds of the Dusk. You don`t have to get up too early for this one!

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