Nature’s Incredible Adventures by Shane Casey


Suitable for Dyslexic Readers


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A wonderful new addition to our stock.  This book is suitable for Dyslexic readers.  Age group 6+

The book contains three stories; “A Fox called Fintan”, “The Song Thrush who couldn’t sing” and “Chasing Dragons”

“Fintan was so small that all the other cubs treated him like a toy to be played with. Their favorite game was Chase and Fintan was always the one to be chased. But when Fintan manages to outwit Robinson, the cleverest Rat in the city, he shows everyone that brains are more important than brawn”

“Song Thrushes, as the name suggests, are wonderful singers and males rely on their singing ability to attract a mate. Nobody expected Tara, the most beautiful thrush in the hedge to choose a mate who couldn’t sing. But Tara saw something different in an out-of-tune Terrence…”

“Like all Ladybirds, Larry loved a good adventure, and when he overheard a conversation between a Grasshopper and a Caterpillar he suddenly found himself on a quest for a Dragon. But was the Grasshopper exaggerating, as Grasshoppers were known to do? Would he find a Dragon, or a valuable lesson along the way?”