Opticron MM3 60 Travel Scope (Straight Angle)


Opticron MM3 60 Travel Scope

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The MM3 60 GA series is the latest evolution of the popular travel-scope concept pioneered by Opticron with the original Mighty Midget. Combining all the things that have made Opticron travel-scopes the #1 choice for so many wildlife observers over the years, the MM3 60 GA are designed and engineered to deliver the company maxim of smaller, lighter, brighter and sharper to a new generation of spotting-scope users. Constructed from polycarbonate and lightweight alloys, the super-compact optical system creates a body, without eyepiece, only 252mm long and weighing just 718g. Fitted with either the HR3 16-48x HDF T 15-45x or SDLv2 15-45x, the MM3 60 GA can be used without a support for crystal clear flat field observation at magnifications below 20x. Unlike a pair of binoculars, it continues to deliver stunning clarity and definition up to 45x when supported on a clamp, mono-pod or tripod.