50th Anniversary

Celebrating 50 years of nature conservation


Donor's Charter

Our Commitment to Our Donors

This year, BirdWatch Ireland celebrates 50 years of protecting birds and biodiversity. The legacy of our 50 years of working on behalf of members and supporters includes a reputation for being Ireland’s most trusted and respected conservation organisation.


Celebrating Over 50 Years of Nature Conservation

Carrying out vitally important work at the forefront of the conservation sector brings many challenges. However, we are reassured by the unwavering support of you, the members. One of our most important tasks is giving voice to your concerns. We fight on your behalf against environmental degradation, wildlife persecution and habitat destruction.

We need your help to continue our valued work. Help us to keep fighting for the protection of Ireland’s wildlife and natural heritage by supporting our 50thAnniversary Appeal.

With your help we will:

  • Continue to raise awareness and provide information about the importance of conservation for Ireland’s birds
  • Undertake management work and surveys to help protect Ireland’s most endangered species
  • Provide the best possible platform for our members and the public to access information and get involved with events through our new website
  • Support conservation at local level by continuing to work with our network of 25 branches nationwide.
    BirdWatch Ireland works tirelessly in all of these and many other areas to protect and enhance key species such as curlew, roseate tern, corncrake and yellowhammer. By supporting our 50th Anniversary Appeal you can ensure the continuation of a strong policy and Advocacy programme that can influence the decisions that are made for Ireland’s wildlife in the highest offices of the land.

Did you know that BirdWatch Ireland can claim back tax paid on donations of €250 or more by individuals who pay income tax? For example, €112 can be claimed back for every €250 donated in any given year. Support this very special appeal today and follow the work of BirdWatch Ireland on our website and through our membership magazine Wings.

Support Our Appeal

Please support us! With a donation of your choice, you can help us to carry on our important work for the protection of birds and biodiversity in Ireland, to have our voices heard in the corridors of power, to monitor and maintain healthy bird populations and to deliver comprehensive environmental education to the next generation.

Support Our 50th Anniversary Appeal

Thank you for your support!

The European Commission upheld BirdWatch Ireland’s complaint that Ireland was failing to protect birds and habitats. With your ongoing support, our voice will continue to be heard in this way.

Our bird surveys are essential to monitor the changing status of birds in Ireland. For example, this year is the 30th year of the Garden Bird Survey, one of the largest and longest-running citizen science projects in the country. The valuable data we collect in our surveys provides a vital health check on our bird populations, allowing us to focus our conservation work and resources on those species that most need our help. With your help, we will continue our important Survey and Monitoring programmes, ensuring that our most threatened and vulnerable species receive the attention they need.

Today’s young people are the future custodians of the environment and we work hard through our educational programmes and public relationsto make sure they have the knowledge to make a positive difference in the future. BirdWatch Ireland recently worked in collaboration with five of our fellow European BirdLife International partners to compile and disseminate environmental and wildlife teacher training resources to no fewer than 60 teachers from various EU member states, including Ireland. We would love to be able to continue and expand on this type of work, and your support will allow us to do this!

Thank you for your support!

Donor’s Charter

As a charity seeking donations from the public BirdWatch Ireland aims to comply with the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising. Our pledge is to treat all our donors with respect, honesty and openness.

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