Where To Watch

Discover Ireland's birds

Birds are all around us and can be seen in a wide variety of locations from remote rocky islands to your very own garden. Most are specially adapted to particular habitats. Below you will find lots of useful information on the best places to see birds in Ireland.

Nature Reserves

BirdWatch Ireland maintains a network of reserves around the country, all located in areas of conservation importance. Our reserves cover a variety of habitats and are wonderful places to get closer to nature.

Site Guides

Most birds are specially adapted to particular habitats. Check out our Site and Where To Watch guides for lots of great birdwatching locations around the country.

Garden Birds

A great place to watch birds is in your very own garden. We have all kinds of useful information that will help you to identify your garden birds and make your garden more friendly to birds and wildlife.

Ireland's Birds

There are over 450 species currently on the list of birds recorded in Ireland, although as an isolated island we have considerably fewer breeding birds than our nearest neighbours.

Discover Ireland’s Birds

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