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We work hard to provide young conservationists with the best possible education on issues affecting our wildlife and the measures that can be taken to protect it.  Here we provide scientific teaching on wild bird conservation through interactive workshops and presentations, for both teachers and pupils.

Empowering Teachers and Pupils for a Better Life Through Nature

Presented below are 11 workbooks and their introductory material, with content on environmental education and wildlife protection, for teachers of pre-school and primary school programmes. This work was conceived by educational experts at the University of Gdansk, funded by the EU Erasmus+ programme and hosted by BirdWatch Ireland in Maynooth Co. Kildare in 2018. Teachers from a number European countries where BirdLife International partners operate took part in the training, including Ireland. All of the content is free to download and we would love to hear how you have used this material to teach your pupils.


Lifelong Learning Through Nature

These Youth Leader Training Guides provide ideas for you as a leader to run more engaging environmental sessions, and provides an overview of the training process to enable you to train others to do the same. Lifelong Learning through Nature is a collaborative partnership project between BirdWatch Ireland, BirdLife Malta, the Ministry for Education and Employment (Malta), the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (UK) and the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds. The project was funded by the EU Erasmus+ programme. The key objective of these projects is to highlight the importance of learning outside the classroom and of connection with nature.


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