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List of Ireland’s birds

There are over 450 bird species currently on the Irish list, although as an isolated island it has considerably fewer breeding birds than our nearest neighbours. Many are rare or unusual or migratory birds, despite the fact that they are common residents across the Irish Sea in Britain.


Garden birds

Here, you will find all kinds of useful information that will help you to identify your garden birds and how to make your garden more friendly to birds and to all biodiversity.

Where to watch

There are a wide range of habitats that support a great variety of birds right across Ireland. Here we provide you with details of some of the best birdwatching sights in the country and the birds which you are likely to see at them.


What to do if you find a baby or injured bird

Here you can find advice on what to do if you find a baby or injured bird. In most cases chicks out of the nest or on the ground should be left alone, however, in certain circumstances it may be necessary to take further action. Read on for more information.

Nestbox Designs for Birds and Wildlife

Here you can find designs for building nest boxes for your favourite garden birds as well as Barn Owls and a roost box for bats. Each design is complete with helpful tips to install each nestbox correctly.

Irish Rare Birds Committee

The Irish Rare Birds Committee (IRBC) is responsible for maintaining a list of rare birds recorded in the Republic of Ireland and in addition the inshore waters up to 30km from the nearest land or where relevant, the median point between Ireland and Great Britain

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