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Campaigning to safeguard Ireland's hedgerows & uplands


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Defending the EU laws that protect nature


Ocean & Climate Change

The ocean is a key driver of global weather patterns and mitigates global warming through the cycling of carbon and carbon sequestration. Life in the ocean is under immense strain from global warming.


Biodiversity & Climate Emergency Appeal

Help us to help Nature!


Climate Change

Advocating for sustainable actions to mitigate climate change


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Impacts of Climate Change on Birds


Marine Protected Areas

Working to protect marine life


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BirdWatch Ireland is focussed on the conservation of birds and biodiversity in Ireland. We aim to target our resources effectively so that we can promote nature conservation among policy-makers and the wider public.


Species & Habitat Conservation

BirdWatch Ireland is committed to supporting the conservation of Ireland’s birds and their habitats.  As a partner of BirdLife International, we are responsible for promoting and updating the status of Ireland’s birds and their key sites.

Research & Surveys

BirdWatch Ireland is involved in many research and monitoring projects. These include ongoing and long-term monitoring projects that aim to track how populations of Ireland’s birds are faring over time.


Nature Reserves

BirdWatch Ireland maintains a growing network of nature reserves around the country, all located in areas of conservation importance to birds. Our reserves cover a variety of habitats and are wonderful places to get closer to nature.

Advocacy & Policy

Through policy and advocacy work, we act to influence others who have the ability and power to protect and enhance the living world. We are working to ensure that policy priorities such as the protection of important species and habitats are on the government’s agenda.


Fun & Learning

An important part of our work includes education for children and teacher training. Learning about wildlife should be fun and this is exactly what we aim to achieve through our training resources for teachers and educational initiatives.

Cape Clear Bird Observatory

Cape Clear is one of the best places to watch seabird migration in Europe, especially during the late summer months. Spring and autumn bring large numbers of song birds moving to and from their breeding grounds.


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