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The threats to birds and their habitats are numerous. Our evidence-based advocacy involves campaigning, influencing decision-makers, minimising the conflict with nature, building partnerships and being strong when developments threaten nature.

What we do

The Advocacy team is engaged in defending and protecting Ireland’s birds and their habitats. Our work is strategic and evidence-based. We have the data and advocate on the basis of this for better outcomes for birds. Specifically, our focus is on climate change, agriculture and forestry, marine conservation, uplands and peatlands, hedgerows, site protection and making sure our laws work for birds.

Agriculture and Forestry

Agriculture and forestry are the dominant land uses in Ireland and have a significant effect on our birds, bees, butterflies, other wildlife and the habitats that support them.


As Ireland’s leading voice on marine conservation we advocate for seabird conservation, healthy ecosystems, ending overfishing, marine protected areas and sustainable marine spatial planning.

Climate Change

Climate Change is impacting birds and their habitats. Tackling greenhouse gas emissions and using nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation are essential to protect our birds.

Planning & Legislation

Effective laws to protect nature in Ireland is one of the most important tools in conservation. The Advocacy team responds to select planning applications and advocates for better implementation of our nature laws in Ireland.


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