Yellow-browed Warbler

Irish Name: Ceolaire buímhalach
Scientific name: Phylloscopus inornatus
Bird Family: Warblers
Conservation status


A scarce passage migrant in variable numbers to headlands along all coasts in autumn.


Rather similar to Chiffchaff and Goldcrest and only slightly larger than that species. Has similar quick feeding action to a Goldcrest, hovering and darting quickly between branches. Sexes and ages virtually identical . The upperparts are dark green, with a prominent yellow supercilium and dark eyestripe. The underparts are white with a greyish wash. Has two prominent yellow wingbars, the only Irish warbler species with this feature.


A high pitched "tsueest", similar to that of Coal Tit. Song is very unlikely to be heard in Ireland.


Feeds almost exclusively on insects and other invertebrates.


Does not breed in Ireland. The breeding range of Yellow-browed Warbler extends from the Urals across Siberia to far eastern Russia.


The majority of the population winters in south-east Asia. Numbers passing through Ireland in autumn have increased significantly in the last decade. It is suspected that part of the population migrates in the wrong direction, wintering (possibly) in Iberia and North Africa. There have been very few winter and spring records, indicating that the species is unlikely to survive the winter here unless conditions are very mild.

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