Community Nest Box Scheme

Birds Connect Community Nest Box Scheme

This year, Birds Connect is linking up community groups around the country to take part in a nationwide nest box scheme! By connecting BirdWatch Ireland and its local branches to Men’s Sheds and Tidy Towns groups, we will bring together people who can provide nesting opportunities for some of our favourite garden birds. The nest boxes will be built by skilled members of Men’s Sheds and Tidy Towns groups, and will be installed at direct provision centres and nursing homes. We would love to hear from Tidy Towns groups and Men’s Sheds who are interested in participating in this nest box scheme. For more information, please email the Birds Connect Project Officer, Andrew Lynch, at:

Make your own nestbox

Putting up a bird box is one of the simplest and best ways you can help provide shelter and help the wildlife in your garden, farm or local area. The common nestbox designs are simple and straightforward to make yourself. All you’ll need are a few basic hand tools and a some wood. You might even have some bits of wood lying around that you can recycle into a nest box. So why not have a go at building one and taking part in out community project!

Click here for Design Plans to build your own Nestboxes