An outing to Fermanagh Lakes

February 28, 2020
Date March 22, 2020
Time 10:00 am
Location Meet at Carton Carpark

************************************* This event has been cancelled *******************************

*************************************** Sunday 22nd March 2020 *********************************

Join our Sligo branch for an outing to the beautiful Fermanagh Lakes.

Fermanagh is a land of lakes and legends. It should be known for its magical mist, countless castles, soft skies and warm welcomes, yet it is often overlooked.

The abundance of wildlife can be attributed to its geology and the relatively undisturbed landscape that Fermanagh is famous for. Orchid-covered roadside verges, hedges white with the blossoms of hawthorn, damp fields pink with ragged robin are just a few of the things you may see.
Skylarks and cuckoos call in the uplands while coots and great-crested grebes build their nests in reedy bays. In winter, Fermanagh has other attractions with hundreds of migrant wild-fowl flying in to escape the Arctic cold. Whooper swans, wigeon, and teal occur in large numbers.