Lough Ree – A Wildlife Wonderland

September 20, 2019
Date October 1, 2019
Time 8:00 pm
Location Spirit Store, Dundalk

Coilin MacLochlainn discusses “Lough Ree – A Wildlife Wonderland”

This mystical lough studded with islands is a place of great myth and legend. Spirits of high kings, ghosts of fallen warriors and the guiding eyes of ancient monks peer through the mist and linger in the air. There is even the rumour of a lake monster – so beware! Lough Ree is a haven for both wintering and breeding birds. The lake supports nationally important populations of seven wintering waterfowl species, as well as other important species including Whooper Swan. The site has a range of breeding waterfowl, notably nationally important populations of Common Scoter, Great Crested Grebe, Wigeon, Teal, Goldeneye and Tufted duck.