Lullybeg Butterfly Reserve

March 15, 2023
Date June 10, 2023
Time 10:30 am
Location Meet at Lullymore Heritage & Discovery park (R51 EO36)

***************************************** Saturday 10th June 2023 ********************************

Join our Kildare branch for a visit to Lullybeg Butterfly Reserve

Lullybeg is one of the most important butterfly sites in the east of Ireland in terms of the number of species recorded and in terms of population sizes. Thirteen of the twenty-two species recorded are abundant. The site is unusual in some ways. It is really a degraded habitat. It was once an intact raised bog that has been completely cut away. It was worked over twenty years ago but the thin bare layer of peaty substrate has been colonised by various mosses, herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees and a wonderful mosaic of habitat types have developed.

For Further details contact or Tom McCormack on 0862547424