Outing to Jenkinstown Wood

February 28, 2020
Date March 28, 2020
Time 11:00 am
Location Meet at Jenkinstown Wood car park

************************************* This event has been cancelled ********************************

*************************************** Saturday 28th March 2020 ********************************

Our Tipperary branch invite you to a joint outing with the Kilkenny branch to Jenkinstown Wood. We endeavor to see if can locate the great Spotted Woodpecker.

About the same size as Mistle Thrush. A distinctive black and white bird when seen well. The face, throat and underparts are white, while the back, rump and tail are black. Also has a large white patch at the base of the wings, while the vent is pale red. In flight, the wings are mainly black, with obvious rows of spotting on the primaries and secondaries. Adult male Great spotted Woodpeckers are identifiable by a small red patch on the back of the head. Adult females have a black nape and crown. The most frequently heard call is a loud “kick”, when agitated given in a continuous series. Does not sing, but has distinctive drumming display from early Spring onwards. Drumms last between 1 and 2 seconds