The Avonmore Forest

February 11, 2021
Date April 27, 2021
Time 8:00 pm
Location This is an online event

**************************************** Tuesday 27th April ***************************************

Join Coilin MacLochlainn and our Galway branch for an evening discussing The Avonmore Forest:A Black Forest for Ireland. County Wicklow is known for its many wonderful forest areas but few can rival the beauty of the Vale of Clara. Here the Avonmore River is flanked on either side by broadleaf and evergreen forests as it flows southwards between Laragh and Rathdrum. The Vale is particularly important as a place where old oak woodlands remain intact, particularly on the eastern bank of the river around Croneybyrne. Oak forests would have covered much of Wicklow in the past. A Special Area of Conservation, which ensures the future preservation of this significant piece of natural heritage. The Avonmore Way walking trail provides visitors with an opportunity to stroll through the valley. The oak trees are interspersed with rowan, hazel and holly. A variety of birds are present, including less common species like the Jay, Long-eared Owl, Woodcock and Blackcap.

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