The Secret life of Crows

October 30, 2019
Date March 10, 2020
Time 8:00 pm
Location Corrin Event Centre, Fermoy

************************************ Unfortunately this event is cancelled **************************

************************************ Tuesday 10th March *****************************************

Join the Cork branch with our very own Ricky Whelan discussing the Crow!

There are four main species of Corvoids (commonly referred to as crows) jackdaws, magpies, rooks and grey crows. They are social birds that can congregate in large flocks, and are quite common across Ireland. Crows are a very intelligent species, have a varied diet and are opportunistic feeders. They are commonly recognised through their distinctive calls and caws. And Crows are one of the smartest of the birds. For example, Crows understand analogies, can exercise self-control, can fashion tools and like to play—all signs of what we call intelligence.