I Vote Nature

Make yours a voice for nature


Biodiversity & Climate Emergency Appeal

Help us to help Nature!

On May 24th you have the chance to shape the destiny of nature in Ireland and Europe. All European citizens over the age of 18 have the right to vote. Make yours a voice for nature.

I Vote Nature

Nature in Ireland and across Europe in under unprecedented pressure yet it is the foundation for our economy and critical to human health. If you love nature, we are calling on you to go vote in the European elections this year and vote for candidates that support our policies for nature protection. #IvoteNature

Our manifesto for the European Elections

BirdWatch Ireland asks of MEP candidates


Candidates Voting Record on Heritage Bill

This document shows how candidates or their political parties voted on the Heritage Bill which significantly weakened the Wildlife Act protections for breeding birds and other wildlife.

Manifesto Comparison

This document shows how the manifestoes of the political parties rate against what BirdWatch Ireland’s objectives for nature and climate change.

BirdWatch Ireland Elections Questionnaire Responses

BirdWatch Ireland sent a 20-question questionnaire on topics important for birds, other biodiversity and climate change to 29 election candidates. Four candidates responded and here are their detailed responses.

MEPs Voting Record on Funding for Farmers in Protected Areas

MEPs Voting Record on Cutting Down Meat Consumption

MEPs Voting Record on Burning Trees for Energy

MEPs Voting Record on Ensuring Coherence in all Policies with Biodiversity Objectives

MEPs Voting Record on Financial Support for the LIFE funding for the environment

MEPs Voting Record on Drilling for Fossil Fuels in Arctic

MEPs Voting Record on the Ban on Driftnets in the Baltic

MEPs Voting Record on a Dedicated Funding Mechanism for Nature at EU level