A few testimonials from people who have enjoyed our wildlife weekends and courses

  •  I will never forget those experiences and wonderful people on the course and our five days together, which felt like a month! It was an adventure. Thanks also to Michael John. I will never forget our tea, on the high seas, while the gannets soared over us like jet planes and he told us stories about the sailing ships in his west cork dialogue. I would recommend this course to anybody as an adventure and a really fun way to learn about and appreciate” God’s Wonderful World”. There was a great ambience, as well-thanks to you and Steve and the island itself.
    Ron Barrow


  •  As a complete novice I leaned loads and was made to feel most welcome. I now know my shearwaters from my gannets and my black headed gulls from my terns! I stayed in the observatory- a great experience thanks to the welcoming warden.A great holiday on a beautiful island.
    Mary McKay


  •  A great week to learn lots while having tons of fun
    Marie Walsh


  •  The course on Cape Clear was truly life-enhancing; suddenly all of the brown blurs in hedgerows I’d always taken for granted were given names and destinations and personalities.
    Sara Baume


  • I had a truly memorable week in Cape Clear, I learned a huge amount and it is the total absorption in birding from morning to night which is so very enjoyable and rewarding.
    Margaret Brennan