Please note that BirdWatch Ireland accepts no liability whatsoever for any accident, injury, loss or damage suffered by any person who visits any of its reserves, howsoever caused. Any person choosing to visit a BirdWatch Ireland reserve does so entirely at his or her own risk.

Please note also that all visitors to any of BirdWatch Ireland’s reserves must comply with all relevant access and permission conditions stipulated by BirdWatch Ireland in relation to each reserve, both contained on this website and on any signs or notices that may be posted at the reserves. Visitors also agree to comply with any restrictions or conditions communicated to them by BirdWatch Ireland, its staff or its authorised volunteers or agents. Any person present on any BirdWatch Ireland reserve who is not in compliance with these conditions will be deemed to be trespassing.

Reserve access arrangements and conditions are liable to change from time to time. Please check this website or contact BirdWatch Ireland to ascertain the arrangements and conditions in force at any given time.