Our measures

  • A results based agri-environment measure for Curlew
  • A nest protection option, to trial the protection of nests (from predators) using temporary electric fencing
  • A capital works programme to restore and improve Curlew breeding habitat
  • A knowledge transfer and specialist advisory program to support participating farmers
  • The development and trial of an agri-environmental predator control option
  • The development of a new results-based agri-environmental scheme for Curlew on bogs
  • In conjunction, Curlew populations will be surveyed and breeding success monitored, and predator control measures will be carried out to protect nests and chicks from depredation.

Capital works

Examples of capital works undertaken to improve breeding Curlew habitat include scrub removal to remove predator habitat and scrape creation (image on right) to provide ideal chick feeding habitat


Electric Fencing

We will be trialing the use of temporary electric fencing to protect nests from mammalian predators. This type of approach has been utilised effectively for various species at other sites.

Specialist Advisory

We will be providing specialist advisory to participating farmers

farmers-specialist advisory-breeding waders-Shannon Callows