Dublin Bay Birds Project

Keeping track of the birds of Dublin Bay

The Dublin Bay Birds Project carries out a comprehensive work programme of year-round waterbird surveys, including focussed surveys of particular species, combined with colour-ringing, radio-tagging and GPS-tracking of a selection of key wader species; and monitoring and management of Dublin Port’s breeding terns.

What is the Dublin Bay Birds Project?

The Dublin Bay Birds Project is a comprehensive work programme of year-round monthly low tide surveys; specific surveys and observations targeted at particular species, including roosting gulls, breeding terns and Brent Geese; and colour-ringing and radio-tagging of a selection of key wader species, namely Oystercatcher, Bar-tailed Godwit, Redshank and Curlew. The information we collect fills gaps in our knowledge about the distribution and movements of birds within Dublin Bay, as well as helping to consolidate what is already known.

Dublin Bay supports extraordinary wildlife, with thousands of waterbirds using the bay year-round for roosting and foraging and in the summer months thousands of terns nest on man-made structures around Dublin Port.

Dublin Bay also supports a busy industrial port, and has Ireland’s capital city surrounding it. This means it is subject to a range of pressures and threats including human disturbance, commercial and residential development, and the effects of climate change, including habitat loss from sea-level rise. The information we collect will hopefully contribute to sustainable decision-making processes for the bay.

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Dublin Bay Birds Blog

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