Barn Owl Survey

Citizen science is an important element of our Barn Owl survey and monitoring. Everybody remembers an encounter with a Barn Owl (whether alive or dead), and many people have gone to the effort to build and install nest boxes for Barn Owls – all this information is incredibly valuable and helps us to direct survey efforts, ensure that nest sites are protected, understand causes of mortality and informs conservation efforts (such as the provision of nest boxes).

Please report information on Barn Owls using the relevant forms below for reporting potential Barn Owl nest sites, Barn Owl sightings, dead Barn Owl and also if you have or know of a nest box installed for Barn Owls or if you have a suitable location for a Barn Owl nest box. The Barn Owl citizen science survey is supported by the Small Recorders Grant of the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Report a potential or known Barn Owl nest

Please report a potential or known Barn Owl nest site. Barn Owls are a protected species and are sensitive species, it is an offence to cause disturbance at the nest site and nests or breeding birds should not be approached, disturbed or interfered with in any way. This information will be held in confidence.

Report a Barn Owl sighting

Please report any sightings or encounters with Barn Owls (either recent or in the past).

Report a dead Barn Owl

Information on dead Barn Owls help us to understand the importance of different causes of mortality (such as vehicle collisions). Please report information on a dead Barn Owl that you encountered.

Report a Barn Owl nest box

If you have installed a Barn Owl nest box or know of a nest box in your area, please report this information, which is useful to inform the distribution and occupancy of nest boxes and also allows us to identify areas where the provision of nest boxes may be most beneficial.

Report a suitable location for a Barn Owl nest box

If you think you have a suitable location for a Barn Owl nest box (particularly a quiet shed or barn) then please send us this information as we may be able to provide a nest box as part of a local nest box scheme and if the site is confirmed to be suitable.