Connecting to Nature 100 Fat Balls


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Our Premium Wild Bird Fat Balls, or Suet Balls are a healthy and nutritious delicacy for many garden birds.

We only use the best natural ingredients that are particularly tasty for tits, sparrows and many other wild birds. Ensuring they are supplied with vital energy and balanced nutrients all year round.

This recipe of suet, seeds and nuts has been a huge success for many years and guarantee a particularly light, tender feed quality. These fat balls are pecked completely even in cold temperatures.

Fill your garden Fat Ball Feeder or chop the Fat Balls up and place them on a bird table in your garden to provide high energy, nutritious food for wild birds.

We do not use nets for our Fat Balls as plastic nets can be harmful to birds, other wildlife and our environment. Our Fat Balls come in environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging, without nets.