Easy Guide to Garden Birds


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The Easy Guide to Garden Birds shows the most commonly found garden birds .  These are the birds that you will see at your bird feeder, in your garden, in parks and hedgerows.

This is the perfect book of garden bird identification for an absolute beginner with large clear photos. It is the ideal guide to have while watching birds at the bird feeder, in local parks or hedgerows. Short clear descriptions of the key identifying features of each bird are given. Twenty two of the most common birds found in gardens in Britain and Ireland are shown. This book has been designed as a quick and simple way to identify birds for both young children and adults.
The author wrote the book originally for her daughter as she was unable to find a simple book that clearly identified common garden birds. With a series of fabulous photos showing each bird and the key differences between the birds clearly described and easily seen in the each photograph, this allows the young or not so young bird watching beginner to know their birds.
50 pages, full colour, softback.
Author: Marie – Louise Heffernan.