Finding Birds in Ireland 2nd Edition


Finding Birds in Ireland 2nd Edition

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Since its first publication in 2007, Eric Demphsey’s bestselling Finding Birds in Ireland continues to stand out among

This must- have guide is a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated reference for both experienced and novice birdwatchers. It is also an invaluable guide for birdwatchers visiting Ireland.

This guide covers over 500 of the best birding sites throughout Ireland. Organised county by county, this is an easy-to-follow handbook giving the site names, grid references, detailed directions and maps for each site. It includes the best times to visit each area, a breakdown of the different seasons and the species you are likely to find, and lists rare birds seen at each site in the past.

This indispensable book will become a well-thumbed addition to any birdwatchers reference library. Clear, easy to use reference maps and text. Don’t leave home without it!