Irish Birds 2011 Volume 9 Number 2


Irish Birds Vol. 9, No. 2

The 2011 annual journal of BirdWatch Ireland contains a wide variety of papers relating to Irish birds including key papers on: * The feeding ecology of Merlin during the breeding season in Ireland.

* The breeding biology of Hen Harrier in Ireland.

* Breeding birds of native woodlands and plantation forests in Ireland.

* Rare Irish Breeding Birds, 2010. The Annual Report of the Irish Rare Breeding Birds Panel (IRBBP)

* Irish Rare Bird Report 2009

* Irish Rare Bird Report 2010

* Irish Ringing Report for 2010

* A selection of notes and short papers.

Softback. 191pp. BirdWatch Ireland (2011) Please note that Key members of BirdWatch Ireland receive a complimentary copy of Irish Birds as part of their membership.