Like a house that has become derelict, degraded habitats don’t function properly, cannot support inhabitants and are vulnerable to external shocks like climate change. We are advocating for a new EU law to #RestoreNature

A Golden Opportunity to Restore Nature – Sign the Petition

BirdWatch Ireland is advocating for a strong new EU law to compel governments to restore nature.

Sixty-three percent of Ireland’s wild bird species are Red or Amber listed Birds of Conservation Concern in Ireland. Eighty-five percent of our internationally important and protected habitats are in poor condition. Their structures are breaking down and they are losing the plant and animal organisms that make up their uniqueness. Peatlands are releasing carbon, wetlands are weakened in their ability to hold flood waters, rivers and lakes aren’t able to support fish or provide good drinking water. Degraded dune systems are not able to support wildlife or protect the property behind them when seawater encroaches and storms batter them.

Read the statement we signed with 209 other organisations calling on politicians to tackle the biodiversity and climate crises with a strong Nature Restoration law.

It’s time to restore nature for people, for wildlife, for the future.