Restore Nature

We need must restore nature for wildlife, climate and people.

Please support our Restore Nature campaign. We need your help to make it legally binding to restore nature in Ireland and the EU.

We want thriving nature in Ireland with healthy and diverse populations of wild birds, pollinators and other wildlife and to tackle climate breakdown. And people need nature too.

But 85% of Irish land-based habitats and ecosystems are in poor condition with marine ecosystems also in a very bad way. Degraded habitats cannot function properly for their own survival or to support wildlife. Two-thirds of our wild bird species are in trouble and one third of wild bee species are threatened with extinction.  Degraded habitats also wont be able to fight and withstand climate breakdown.

We need to take action to bring back ‘high-quality’ nature by restoring degraded ecosystems to enable nature to recover and to turn the tide against biodiversity loss.

We have 2 asks of you.

  1. Please sign the petition below so we can secure a strong new EU-wide law to restore nature . You can read the proposals here.
  2. Please donate to our Restore Nature Appeal to support and build our advocacy team to make sure that politicians hear our calls for action.

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