Restore Nature

We must restore nature for wildlife, climate and people.

Like a house that has become derelict, degraded habitats don’t function properly, cannot support inhabitants and are vulnerable to external shocks like climate change. We are advocating for a new law to compel Ireland to  #RestoreNature

Last Call for Nature Restoration

BirdWatch Ireland is advocating for a new law to compel governments to restore nature.

Eighty-five percent of EU protected habitats in Ireland are in poor condition. Their structures are breaking down and they are losing the plant and animal organisms that make up their uniqueness. Peatlands are releasing carbon, wetlands are weakened in their ability to hold flood waters, rivers and lakes aren’t able to support fish or provide good drinking water. Holes in dune systems are letting seawater in.

It’s time to restore nature for people, for wildlife, for the future.

#Move4Nature Campaign

Log the kms you walk, cycle, run, swim, roll for a new nature restoration law.