Feral Pigeon

Irish Name: Colm aille
Scientific name: Columba livia f. domestica
Bird Family: Pigeons & Doves
Conservation status


Resident. Feral Pigeons are common in towns and villages throughout Ireland.


A typical small pigeon. Very variable in plumage, some birds being identical to Rock Dove, whereas others are almost pure black or white. The commonest types are very dark, containing large dark blotches on the wings. Feral Pigeons are a domesticated form of Rock Dove.


Identical to Rock Dove, a soft "druuuu".


Cereal grain, seeds and fruits of herbs and grasses, sometimes green parts and invertebrates. Takes scraps in gardens and may even use peanut feeders.


Breeds in and around towns and villages. Some may revert back to their ancestral form and breed in caves in cliffs along sea coasts.


Largely resident.

Monitored by

Countryside Bird Survey and Garden Bird Survey.