Irish Name: Cág
Scientific name: Corvus monedula
Bird Family: Crows
Conservation status


Resident. One of Ireland's Top 20 most widespread garden birds


A small species of crow. All crows have sturdy legs and strong bills and are intelligent and social in nature. The Jackdaw is a small all dark grey crow with a lighter nape and neck side which contrasts with a blackish forehead. Has a uniform grey under wing, black legs and a lighter bill than the Hooded Crow. Pairs are usually seen together, both whilst foraging and roosting with other birds.


Noisy birds often calling to one another with a variety of calls, some quite gentle, others quite harsh.


Omnivore. Feeds on a wide variety of foods includes invertebrates, fruits, seeds, carrion, scraps, small vertebrates and birds eggs. Feeds mainly in open areas in pastures, parks, on the tide line, in farmyards, stubbles and rubbish tips. Will also feed seasonally in treetops for caterpillars, beetles and acorns.


A widespread bird, found virtually everywhere in Ireland. Only in mountainous areas of the west is it rare or absent. Nests in a variety of situations, often associated with man but also found in wilder areas. Nesting areas include coastal cliffs, abandoned houses, chimneys and in tree holes in woodland, parks and gardens


Forms large flocks in the winter, when it can be found in the company of other species of crows, especially Rooks.

Monitored by

Countryside Bird Survey & Garden Bird Survey.

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Corvus frugilegus
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