Stock Dove

Irish Name: Colm gorm
Scientific name: Columba oenas
Bird Family: Pigeons & Doves
Conservation status


A widespread resident throughout Ireland favouring areas of cereal cultivation.


A small pigeon, about the same size as Rock Dove and similar to that species. Adult Stock Doves are dark grey all over, with only the breast a salmon-pink colour. The is a small greenish patch on the side of the neck, but this is only visible in good light. Like Woodpigeon, Stock Doves have a large amount of black on the wing, but lack that species broad white band. Juveniles are similar to adults, but are slightly paler grey and lack the greenish neck patch.


Generally silent when seen in Ireland. Song is a monotonous series of "ooo-u".


Cereal grain, seeds and fruits of herbs and grasses, sometimes green parts and invertebrates.


Breeds in lowlands of eastern and southern Ireland, almost invariably near agricultural areas, especially cereal. Nests in holes in trees. Has declined as a breeding species in Ireland.


Resident, with only local movements.

Monitored by

Countryside Bird Survey.

Similar Species


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