Visit to Ardnamona Wood

March 16, 2022
Date April 16, 2022
Time 10:00 am
Location Meet at entrance to Wood

**************************************** Saturday 16th April *************************************

Our Donegal branch invite you to join them for a visit to Ardnamona Wood.

Ardnamona Wood Nature Reserve is a fine oak woodland, some 46.6 hectares in size which lies approximately 5km north-east of Donegal Town, just west of Lough Eske. The site consists of old Oak woodland. One of the main predators in this upland region is the peregrine falcon (Falco pergrinus), which ranges widely in search of food, particularly wood pigeons. Peregrines nest on the cliffs choosing their nesting ledges with an eye to their inaccessibility and favouring south-facing cliffs for warmth and light. Every suitable cliff is occupied annually by a pair, though it is difficult to pinpoint their eyries on the cliff faces.