Sponsor a BirdWatch Ireland Tree Sparrow Nestbox


Sponsor a BirdWatch Ireland Tree Sparrow Nestbox

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Sponsoring a nestbox is a way of buying someone a thoughtful and meaningful gift. You can sponsor important work from a range of BirdWatch Ireland conservation projects. Nestboxes are a key tool in conservation projects where we need to ensure a safe breeding site for priority breeding species such as the rare Barn Owl or Roseate Tern. Other species that can benefit from the Nestbox Project initiative are Spotted Flycatchers on our bird reserves, Tree Sparrows on farms and Dippers that can benefit from a nest box placed under a bridge or culvert.

What happens next? Once we receive your donation we will despatch the special gift card to you, together with a fact sheet on the conservation work carried out by BirdWatch Ireland on your chosen nestbox project. The gift card makes up into a decorative nestbox, suitable for office table or sideboard. A perfect gift for any occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas. You personalize the card with a message and choose to post on or hand deliver your unique gift to the recipient.

Where does the money go? Your donation goes towards the vital conservation work on Tree Sparrows being carried out by BirdWatch Ireland. With huge European declines, your donation will help provide a home for Ireland’s (uniquely) expanding Tree Sparrow population. For practical reasons your donation can’t be assigned to a specific box.