Announcing the launch of our Barn Owl Live Stream!

April 20, 2023
Barn OwlBirds of Prey
Barn Owl peering out of its nesting hole in an ash tree after dark
If you love owls (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t love owls?), you will be pleased to hear that BirdWatch Ireland has set up a series of nest cameras which provide a discrete but intimate view of a Barn Owl nest in the roof space of an abandoned cottage in Duhallow, north Cork. You can view the nest live at any time of the day or night and watch the Barn Owls at the start of what will hopefully be a long and successful breeding season.
View the Irish Barn Owl cottage nest live stream here and here.
We are very excited to bring you this live stream. We are incredibly passionate about Barn Owls and have already learned so much about these birds from watching them over the last few weeks, and now you can too! Be warned however, it is addictive viewing!

As we join this cottage-nesting pair, the female has laid three eggs. You will see her diligently incubating the eggs on a near constant basis, as the male will do all the hunting and will arrive back at night to feed the female. We expect more eggs to be laid over the coming days, so stay tuned! Of course, we hope that in a month from now there will be chicks in the nest, which is when the fun (and the noise!) really starts, but you will have time to get to know the male and the female before things get too hectic.

There are two nest cameras, one focused on the nest itself, and one focused on the entrance to the nest. You can open both views and switch between them, depending on where the birds are and where the activity is. You can also scroll back to view recent activity. At this stage of the season, the camera focused on the nest provides the best views, and this will remain the case until the young are mobile and start to move to the nest entrance.