Irish Name: Dreolín
Scientific name: Troglodytes troglodytes
Bird Family: Wrens
Conservation status


Common resident throughout Ireland. One of Ireland's top 20 most widespread garden birds.


One of Ireland's smallest birds, also the most widespread, being found in almost all habitats including farmland, woodland, scrub, mountain and even on cliffs and offshore islands. Its small rounded body and tiny cocked tail are distinctive, however it can be a surprisingly difficult bird to see - more often heard than seen. The upperparts are reddish-brown and underparts paler with some greyish tones - faint dark barring can be seen at close range. There is a white stripe over the eye and the bill is fine and pointed.


Very vocal - even during winter. Song a drawn out series of trilling notes - quite shrill and loud, ends abruptly. Calls include an abrupt "check" or more prolonged "churrrrr.." .


Small insects and their lavae.


Breeds all over Ireland in many different habitats. Nest is spherical ball of moss with a small entrnce in the side - positioned in dense cover such as ivy or tangles vegetation.


Widespread. Some birds may move to lower elevations during poor weather in winter. Birds may roost communally, with up to 50 birds noted using a single nestbox.

Monitored by

Countryside Bird Survey & Garden Bird Survey.